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Thank you so much Logan for the time spent going over interview questions and techniques - it has entirely changed my thinking and approach for future interviews. My success last year was due to your inspiration and has been a real boost to my confidence.

Your approach, manner and ability to inspire confidence is amazing. I felt completely at ease from the first meeting with you and came away from that feeling the best I have felt about myself to years. You made me feel anything is possible if you really want it.

I have had no hesitation in recommending you to others - you have a very special talent and will be sadly missed here in Dunedin.

Kind regards Irene, ACC Dunedin

It is becoming common place for people to change jobs, companies or even careers later in life. Some of my clients have been at the same desk, in the same office for 20 plus years - Time for a new job?? What a daunting prospect. Having to reapply for your own job?? A nightmare. Have you been down sized or 'rationalised'?? (That means fired!) How will you cope? Or maybe its just time for a change, a new challenge. Lets talk about what is expected in an interview.

We can practice some of the questions you are likely to be asked. We can video a mock interview and refine your style. You can practice 'cognitive testing' or just get a feel for today's job market.

If you have or are about to change direction, lets get the wind back in your sail first.

Logan@human-dynamics.co.nz Free phone 0800 486 263 (0800 Human Dynamics)

Personal Success Planning

One on One life coaching will uncover your passions and help you build a map to find your way to happiness. Personal coaching is one of the single most powerful business tools to move you towards your goals.

Key Points

  • We don’t think outside the square – Our entire existence (everything about us) is outside the square!
  • What is better than a 100% money back guarantee? -Working with Human Dynamics. We don't start charging until we see results, then we offer a guarantee! If you or your team do not feel we achieve value for your investment Human Dynamics will continue training or consultancy until we do.
  • Our services are based around all of the little jobs you know you should be doing, but just don't know where to start - Start with a call to Human Dynamics (0800 486 263)
  • You will be surprised at just how economical our services are. Please contact Logan for more details. Logan@human-dynamics.co.nz

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