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Business Development

SMB! Save My Business

Is your business loosing money, loosing value or just loosing interest for you? Do you want a radical change – a profitable change? Perhaps you are a few years from retirement and have a business you can’t sell. Human Dynamics could offer an unexpected solution.

To qualify your business must:

  1. have been operating for at least eight years.
  2. have good, up-to-date equipment or systems.
  3. have at least one trained staff member, other than yourself.
  4. have a positive debt/equity ratio.
  5. and personally, you absolutely MUST be able to cope with massive change.

Other than number 5 some exceptions may apply. What is the point of having rules if those who create them are not permitted to bend them!! Not sure if your business qualifies? Just ask!! Lets have some fun, make some money and realise your dream (whatever that may be).

Needs Analysis

Total Business solutions do not fit on a single web page. Before the team at Human Dynamics will quote for work, our first job is to discover if we can help you achieve your goals. Do you want to make you more money, improve your systems and your staff training? We will conduct a 'Total Needs Analysis' to establish where you will benefit from our experience.

We will then provide you with a full written report of our findings and, if we truly believe we can help you make the most of your business, we will include a quote. If not, we may make a few recommendations and perhaps a referral or two.

Staff Training

Beware of training organisations offering 'closed loop' training. These people will tell you your training needs, tell you how they will fix them, and then tell you when they have fixed them. Human Dynamics consults with both staff and management before suggesting areas where training will achieve a measurable improvement. At the completion of training we will monitor the results of training to ensure its effectiveness. Our favoured option is to train trainers within your organization, and then step back.

Key Areas where Human Dynamics may be able to help:

Phenomenal Customer Service
Telephone Answering Skills
Profitable Relationships
Risk and OSH Management
Team Development
Dealing with Complaints
Public Speaking & Presentations
Volunteer Staff Training.

Systems Development

Working together we can save you time and money by systemising work in your business to make success and safety the norm. From the factory floor to a retail operation, systems generate the ability to continually recreate positive, profit making activities within your business.


One on One Staff Training - When a new or existing team member needs individual assistance to get up to speed. The sooner they are a fully trained, and a functioning part of the team the sooner you start seeing a return on your investment.
Client Advisory Board - Human Dynamics will establish a platform for you to get the most from existing and new customers by allowing them to help design your systems. While protecting your sensitive information the very people you are trying to serve.
Focus Group Facilitation - Bringing together a selection of your clients, suppliers and support staff a focus group will result in a huge amount of relevant information being rapidly available to you. We can then establish the best course of positive action
Feed-back Management - Free up your time and still get results. Let us deal with your client feedback and ensure timely action which results in positive improvements to your business. Through freepost replies, freephone and direct contact follow-ups we will deal with Advisory Boards with all aspects of client feed back.
Systems Development - Working together we can save you time and money by systemising work in your business to make success and safety the norm. From the factory floor to a retail operation, systems generate the ability to continually recreate positive, profit making activities within your business.
Mission and Vision Statements - These really are key to a successful business. Create ownership from your staff with their input while we develop your business' identity and personality.
Operations Manuals - Key to control of your business we will assist in creating a specific and user friendly Ops Manual. This is where you staff will look when management is not close at hand. The foundation for making your business franchisable, or simply easier to run.
Team Building - Utilising our experience and qualifications we develop team building activities, based in the outdoors, for your staff. Climbing, abseiling, kayaking, canyoning, decision making & problem solving - all designed to push the boundaries of your staff and create a team atmosphere.
Sounding Board - For totally impartial feedback of your ideas, dreams and concept projects. Take a look at your proposal from a different angle - take time to read our written report covering topics from strengths & weaknesses to marketing and legislation.
Secret Shoppers - One of the most reliable and cost effective methods of finding out where your staff, and therefore your business is at. Our professional tem can assess you business on up to 100 key service indicators. All of your staff are fully informed of the process and all of the shopping events are time framed.
Seminars & Courses - Are a cost effective way of providing training for all of your staff. Either send your staff to our seminars or arrange 'in house' training - from training professionals. Remove the hit and miss from your training and see real results
Key Note Speeches - Can be your topic or mine - motivating and educational or just interesting, all with a highly developed sense of fun. As a toastmaster , instructor and presenter Logan is very comfortable in front of an audience.
Personal Success Coaching - One on One life coaching will uncover your passions and help you build a map to find your way to happiness. Personal coaching is one of the single most powerful business tools to move you towards your goals.

Key Points

  • We don’t think outside the square – Our entire existence (everything about us) is outside the square!
  • What is better than a 100% money back guarantee? -Working with Human Dynamics. We don't start charging until we see results, then we offer a guarantee! If you or your team do not feel we achieve value for your investment Human Dynamics will continue training or consultancy until we do.
  • Our services are based around all of the little jobs you know you should be doing, but just don't know where to start - Start with a call to Human Dynamics (0800 486 263)
  • You will be surprised at just how economical our services are. Please contact Logan for more details. Logan@human-dynamics.co.nz
Career Coaching

Thank you so much Logan for the time spent going over interview questions and techniques - it has entirely changed my thinking and approach for future interviews. My success last year was due to your inspiration and has been a real boost to my confidence.

Your approach, manner and ability to inspire confidence is amazing. I felt completely at ease from the first meeting with you and came away from that feeling the best I have felt about myself to years. You made me feel anything is possible if you really want it.

I have had no hesitation in recommending you to others - you have a very special talent and will be sadly missed here in Dunedin.

Kind regards Irene, ACC Dunedin

It is becoming common place for people to change jobs, companies or even careers later in life. Some of my clients have been at the same desk, in the same office for 20 plus years - Time for a new job?? What a daunting prospect. Having to reapply for your own job?? A nightmare. Have you been down sized or 'rationalised'?? (That means fired!) How will you cope? Or maybe its just time for a change, a new challenge. Lets talk about what is expected in an interview.

We can practice some of the questions you are likely to be asked. We can video a mock interview and refine your style. You can practice 'cognitive testing' or just get a feel for today's job market.

If you have or are about to change direction, lets get the wind back in your sail first.

Logan@human-dynamics.co.nz Free phone 0800 486 263 (0800 Human Dynamics)

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